• Mike in AL is using a 1/2“ ram pump to fill his pond.

    Mike messaged me on eBay asking for recommendations on pump sizing and compatibility with his site. He was wanting to pump spring water up to a pond higher up on his property. We ultimately decided on one of my 1/2“ pump kits that will be more likely to operate on low summer flows. He still […]

  • 2″ Ram Pump

    Check out this 2″ ram pump I’m working on for a customer.

  • “Ram Pump Kit” For Sale On Amazon Now & High Barriers To Entry

    I’ve been selling my ram pump kit in the 1/2″ size on eBay for a few weeks now. I’ve made a few sales but talking with a colleague enlightened me to the importance of selling on Amazon. There are more barriers to entry on Amazon. First my old Amazon selling account was shut down due […]