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Knockdown Portable Bed Frame (Camping/Guest)

I built this for vehicle camping (not backpacking) at sites that were lumpy and potentially wet. Ultimately I succeed in building a bed that was both comfortable, and dry. The dry function of the bed is more than just bulk water from rain, it’s also about body sweat because I sweat a bunch. All other common camping pads are blow-up and if you’ve ever slept on a blow-up mattress then you might have experienced some of the moisture I’m talking about. This elevated bed allowed plenty of ventilation and moisture-wicking ability providing a better-than-ground experience. There are a few improvements that I would implement in a second build. I’ll attach plans to this post at a later date so you can build it too.

2 thoughts on “Knockdown Portable Bed Frame (Camping/Guest)

  1. Have you tried a gear box with the water wheel? Or even two of them, so that one would strengthen the torque to run the other that increases speed?
    It was just a thought when I came across the video. Nice job tho, my dad would build model water wheel houses and sell them as yard ornaments.

    1. I’m going to use a second stage of sprockets, It’s really hard to find an appropriate gearbox.

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