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“Ram Pump Kit” For Sale On Amazon Now & High Barriers To Entry

I’ve been selling my ram pump kit in the 1/2″ size on eBay for a few weeks now. I’ve made a few sales but talking with a colleague enlightened me to the importance of selling on Amazon.

There are more barriers to entry on Amazon. First my old Amazon selling account was shut down due to inactivity. I started it years ago to sell some college textbooks. It was easy to setup a seller account then.

So I create a new Gmail account specifically for a new amazon account. Then began the hoops I needed to jump through for validating myself as a person. This included a snail-mail PIN code, and a freakin video chat with an amazon representative proving my ID was valid (and correcting a few things I had wrong with the dates because they use an international format).

Finally creating the listing was not at all intuitive. My brand name is still “generic”.