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“Ram Pump Kit” For Sale On Amazon Now & High Barriers To Entry

I’ve been selling my ram pump kit in the 1/2″ size on eBay for a few weeks now. I’ve made a few sales but talking with a colleague enlightened me to the importance of selling on Amazon.

There are more barriers to entry on Amazon. First my old Amazon selling account was shut down due to inactivity. I started it years ago to sell some college textbooks. It was easy to setup a seller account then.

So I create a new Gmail account specifically for a new amazon account. Then began the hoops I needed to jump through for validating myself as a person. This included a snail-mail PIN code, and a freakin video chat with an amazon representative proving my ID was valid (and correcting a few things I had wrong with the dates because they use an international format).

Finally creating the listing was not at all intuitive. My brand name is still “generic”.

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Steiner Manuals That I Have Found So Far

I bought a steiner 430. I tried finding a manual online. No such luck. The Steiner Turf page where the manuals should be is still under construction at the time of this post after being bought by Doosan.

These are the PDF manuals I have found or have been sent to me so far, Use the manual that’s for your specific model and serial number. I can’t be held responsible for the use of any of the files either correctly or incorrectly. You will need a PDF viewer to view these files, I recommend Foxit:

If you don’t see it here then I don’t have it. Please don’t ask. Contact Steiner Turf for help getting the support you need.

If you have Steiner specific PDF manuals to add please send them to me at

For additional parts diagrams and ordering you might try my preferred parts store, Messicks