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Waterwheel Microhydro P5.1, Alternate Alternator

1 thought on “Waterwheel Microhydro P5.1, Alternate Alternator

  1. Joe:

    I enjoyed the videos of your damn and micro hydro experiment.
    While you might not consider it successful, I believe that you learned a lot from the project.

    Have you thought of a mid 1980s GM 10si alternator to produce your power? They are cheap, reliable and easily rebuilt.

    If you could use a rear derailleur gear set from a 10 or 12 speed bicycle (so you’re getting 5 or 6 different ratios), the alternator speed could be varied, allowing you a high enough speed to produce 12-14 volt DC, until the gear chosen would slow down too much and the voltage would drop off.

    Also, if you turned the wheel around and made it an “Under shot” wheel, you might be able to lower the flume allowing the water to speed up as it approaches the wheel. Further narrowing the opening of the flume at the edge of the wheel would increase the water velocity as it shoots into the buckets.

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