1/2″ Ram Pump Kit


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This is a KIT, you will need to assemble the components yourself with simple PVC glue joints and threaded fittings.

This kit includes:

all pump-related fittings and components as shown in the images

Includes teflon Tape

Includes air bladder tube


Not Included:

PVC Primer and Glue

Drive pipe

Delivery pipe

Fittings to connect to the ram pump’s 3/4″ threaded pipe connections

Tools (Two large adjustable wrenches are recommended)


This Ram Pump can operate 24/7 using water free-flowing down a slope. Pump your spring water or creek water to hydrate gardens, livestock, lawns, or your home!

It harnesses the hydraulic ram effect you might be familiar with if you’ve ever turned off a water valve too quickly. All components are Potable-water safe with Lead-Free brass and SCH40 PVC.

This pump works best with 2+ feet of water fall and at least 20 straight feet of rigid input drive pipe 1/2″ in size.


Input drive pipe materials:

Good — Black Poly Pipe

Better — PVC

Best — Metal


The output water can be transported in any pipe from garden hose to PVC to black poly pipe.


Assembly Instructions:

1. Insert the bicycle tube into the 2″ pipe and inflate until firm.

2. Clean all PVC connections with PVC primer paying attention to keep solvent off of threads.

3. Glue all PVC connections with PVC cement glue, keep the threads clean.

4. Wrap all 1/2″ brass connectors and the PVC cap with 7 wraps of Teflon Tape. Pro-Tip: Wrap in a clockwise direction when looking at the end of the threads.

5. Assemble all threaded components in the orientation shown in the images, Pay close attention to the direction of the arrows.

6. Attach the supply and output pipes and connect/turn on the water.

7. Open the valves and manually actuate the waste valve until the pump starts operating automatically.

Additional information

Weight 4.6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 4 in


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